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  • Special TPU for medical field

    TPU is safe and environmental friendly. With the good performance on antibacterial& bacteriostatic, sweat & breathable, soft &comfortable, and biodegradable, it has been widely concerned and used in the field ofbiomedicine, which can be used in the field of protective clothing, protective goggles, masks, gloves, infusioncatheters, infusion stickers, and band-aids.TPU has good blood compatibility and biocompatibility. It can be used for heart stents, artificial skin, orthodonticbraces

  • Autopart application

    TPU has good performance on the wear-resistant& elasticity. With the excellent properties, TPU is widely used inthe high-speed railway and automotive industrial, such as, high-speed railway shock cushion, seats, gear handles,car pedals, dashboards, oil cups, wire-harness cables, sealing strips, and various bushings and washers.TPU compounding material is used for high-end automobile bumper, dust cover, airbag and other related fields,which to improve the safety of transportation and riding c

  • Sport equipment application

    With wide range of hardness and good resiliance and hand-feeling, hydrolysis andkeep stablity in low temperature and serious weather,and fungus resistance, TPU hasbeen used into sport equipments widely.For example:Sport safty,elastic string, sportequipment on sea, roller on ice skates,and ski-boots.etc.

  • Industries accessory application

    With excellent mechanical properties, good oil resistance, hydrolysis, TPU hasbeen used on industries accessories widely. For example: sealing gasket and conveyorbelt, etc.

  • Clothes application

    With envinment-protection,great abrasion resistance,good resiliance andhand-feeling,especially breathablity, TPU has been used into clothes. For example:logo, zip, or bra

  • Electronic application

    With good resilience, hand-feeling,outstanding oil-resistance, hydroolysisresistance,keep stablity in different weather,and low-carbon,TPU has been used intoelectronic application widely. For example: wire and cable,plug etc.

  • TPU Application in Shoes

    With excellent comfortableness,good resilience and envirmmental-protection, TPUhas been used into shoes industry widely. For example: Safety shoe sole, sport shoesole, blowing molding shoe sole, shoe insole,heel lift, and ski-boot,etc.


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